Press Releases

I’ve been in a position to receive press releases and decide which ones are worthy of news coverage. Through this valuable experience, I have learned what you should and shouldn’t include in a press release if you want be people to read it. Below are a couple of sample press releases I have made, and some additional details about both.

This first press release was written and issued in a matter of hours since the availability was made on short notice. It contained all the essential information a newsroom would want to know when deciding to cover this event. The release also included why this was a newsworthy event (recent dry conditions and safety). In addition to the photos, the fire department later supplied me new information about the brush engine after the release was issued, which was then provided to local newsrooms. Combined with the photos, there was enough information that if a news crew could not attend, the news outlet can still publish a web story. The four major TV stations in Denver shared a “pool” photographer and agreed to send him to this event.

I was responsible for composing this press release on behalf of both the city of Aurora and Adams County. I collected information from both agencies and Bayaud Enterprises, and assembled it with the most impactful information first. I created the quotes for both the mayor and commissioner, noting what would be their intended message to the public, and earned their approval. As an employee of the city of Aurora communications team, part of the messaging in this release is to prioritize our role in the process, so I made sure to give the mayor a more prominent role.

This release was picked up by the Denver Gazette.

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