Good presentations inform, great presentations impress. Knowing the intention of the presentation and who is the audience helps dictate what kind of presentation I would create.

This slideshow would be used to train newscast producers, news writers, reporters, and anchors to improve their tease writing. I aimed for a clean-looking presentation so employees can focus on the information. Bold colors and geometric shapes were used infrequently, so when they do appear, their importance is understood. When training newsroom staff, time is of the essence, so it is crucial to get to the point and have a pretty straight-forward presentation.

Newsrooms have periodic meetings to analyze recent performance, share research, and institute new policies. Usually, these meetings are more in-depth and longer than a training presentation. Therefore, this presentation is more dynamic, and really takes advantage of the slideshow tools available. I created all of the charts, graphs, and tables myself. All but one photo is from my personal collection. I believe this presentation demonstrates my design skills and my abilities to present information in a variety of creative ways.

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