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Working in a newsroom means working on deadline constantly. It’s an environment that demands communicating exactly what you intend to say with no mistakes. After 13+ years in television news, I am an expert on clear and concise communication. There’s often one chance to communicate something to an audience; that is why I am particular about word choice and grammar. I guess you could say I am a word nerd.

Part of the reason I sought a career in journalism is because I am deeply invested in an informed public. I think the more information people have, the more knowledgeable they are about their world. I like to be a reliable source of facts. There’s too much disinformation out there, and I do my part to fight it.

The Denver metro is a great place to live. People who grew up and people who move here all have great stories to tell. I want to help share those stories and help connect people even more.  

I’m well-versed with technical productions. I’m an award-winning video photographer and I am experienced with different video editing platforms. I understand what makes a great visual, and how to present it in an engaging way.

I’m not afraid to be the face of communications. I’m comfortable in public speaking engagements. Previously, I’ve anchored newscasts, performed live news reports in the field, created and hosted two game shows, and led seminars at journalism conferences.

This is a presentation I gave in November 2020 for Denver Labor, and it is regarding Citywide Minimum Wage (my segment starts at 3:40 mark).
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